There’s the sequence. Modelling, my dear friend Victor Octavio. Great film actor!

It all started as the first camera College assignment. A five shot sequence! The plan was filming and editing in campus, however I was in Spain at that time. I had thought about shooting something simple, quick and easy, anytime during my holidays. However, when three old friends met for the first time in two years… the Granada Weekend happened.

If I was about to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the country… how could I miss the chance of filming something there? On Saturday morning it was finally the time. After a long road-trip the day before, the three of us headed for the city’s Old Town, where we had decided to do the filming while doing some tourism. However, there was no location and time was running out. We had to find a place and, what’s more important, an idea! Then… it happened. When one of us lighted a cigarette, the thought came. Smoking bubbles! It could be a… strange metaphor. Worth a try.

We found a nice looking square and shot a test. However, it didn’t really work as you can see in the video (no-postpo done) below. We only had two more hours of light, until, suddenly… found the magical location! An spectacular view of the city with Granada’s Alhambra shining in Andalucia’s sun!

Just a test before actually filming. On camera, the great filmmaker Daniel Hernandez.

After around an hour filming and a crazy weekend, Monday came. The time for editing. The sequence had to be ready for Tuesday. In my parents place, I started the job without half of my equipment (cables, connectors, etc…). Had to transfer the footage wirelessly, what took a massive amount of time. With the transfer working in the background, the music was the next piece of the puzzle. I got myself a subscription for Epidemic Sound, and although I was looking for a 30 sec song, the perfect one for the sequence was 2 min long. “I can cut it!” thought for myself… Never happened, the song was perfect in all its glory.

“Chasing Peace”, by Miles Avida.

What was going to be a quick edit ended up as a few hours of color correction work. That helped me practise a lot with LUT’s and manual color correction. Also tried for the first time Adobe Premiere Pro stabilization, for the last shot. I can’t believe the miracles Premiere can do this days! There’s a couple pictures here with the original material and the final result. The footage was originally recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra using Filmic Pro, with a Log color profile. Some of the shots are captured at 60 fps with a playback speed of 24 fps. Made those bubbles look… magical!

The original last shot.

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It’s so exciting to share my work with you, can’t wait to show you some more! Smoking Bubbles was an adventure not me or the people involved will forget, crazy things happened during that film and unexpected complications that reminded me what film magic is. And honestly, can’t wait for the next one. Filming again this week, I’ll keep you updated.