New week, new short film. “Forgot Something?” is another small project that started as a six shot sequence for college. And what a journey it was creating it!

The original plan was shooting a small sequence in an abandoned house in Toledo (Spain), a place I knew since 2013, when we filmed in there “The House” and “The House 2” (two short films done between friends and never published). However, when my old friend Daniel Hernández and me arrived there, ready to film and with the storyboards done… we found out all the area was closed to the public. There was no way of accessing even near the place, so all out plans had to change.

Completely stressed, Daniel realised he had forgot something in the car and, as he always does, got angry with himself. Some things never change. That gave me the idea. What about a new sequence, shot in Toledo’s Old Town, about a shady character walking the streets… without revealing where he was headed or who he is? We started filming, trying to get some homenage to Kubrick’s tracking shots and Tarantino “camera inside box” technique. Also some pull focus, although any of the shots worked in the final version. And the editing time came, that same night.

Getting home became an adventure, and selecting the shots took hours. 78 we had taken! How could that happen? It was time again for selecting a song, again took its time. Selecting the music is one of the most crucial tasks of the post-po process! In the end this one was used.

Energizer, by Cushy. If you watched the sequence with any other song the meaning would be completely different.

Also there was the color correction process, which I’m very proud of this time. Here you can see the differences between the original shots and the color corrected ones.

That red light... (edited)

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Finally, after four edited revisions, the final version came out and I was able to send it to College, and upload it to Youtube. What do you think of this challenge? I’ll read you in the comments.